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Clean Out Procedure for Water Dilutable Metalworking Fluids

Clean metalworking fluids perform better and last longer. When recharging an individual sump or central fluid tank, a “tank clean out” will ensure fresh fluids can perform efficiently. The following clean out procedure should be used whenever possible: Drain the system or individual sumps. Remove all metal swarf and debris from sumps, trenches, oil pans, […]

Filtration Techniques For Metalworking Fluids

Filtration of metalworking fluids is a process to remove contaminants from lubricants, coolants or fluid mixes so they can be reused in a circulating system. Contaminants reduce performance and shorten the life of metalworking fluids. Contaminants commonly found in the fluid reservoir are: Metal chips, grinding grit or both (swarf) Hydraulic and lubricating oils (extraneous […]

The New ETNA Website!

At ETNA, we’re excited about the launch of our new website. Construction is currently underway and site users will notice updates and improvements throughout December and January. We’ve made the new site intuitive and informative. Product details are simple to locate and product samples and SDS requests can be completed in just a few seconds […]