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For the production of welded carbon and carbon alloy tubing, which involves roll forming, welding and in-line roll reduction of welded tubular products, ETNA Products, Inc. offers a complete line of weld mill coolants. Our MASTERALL™ line of weld mill coolants are formulated to provide excellent lubricity, which results in extended roll life and excellent as-welded surface finish. ETNA Products, Inc.’s MASTERALL™ weld mill coolants are formulated with unique bio stability properties that help our customers reduce or eliminate the use of tank side biocides and additives. The residues of our solution synthetic products are not sticky upon evaporation. In addition, we offer custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.

Recent years have been a period of change for the production of welded carbon and carbon alloy tubing. The competitive world market, combined with the ever changing environmental and regulatory environment, has made it essential that manufacturers of welded carbon and carbon alloy tubing pay stringent attention to the testing, selection and control of their weld mill coolants. ETNA Products, Inc. has the research and development capacity to help our customers as we evolve new weld mill coolants to answer the needs of the welded tubing industry.

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