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ETNA Products, Inc. offers high quality tube pilgering lubricants, featuring our specially formulated MASTERDRAW® and KUBITRAC® water soluble oils and neat oils. Our MASTERDRAW® and KUBITRAC® pilgering lubricants have been developed for severe drawing processes that require excellent performance, extend system life and improve tool life. In addition, ETNA Products, Inc. offers custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.


Cold pilgering, or tube reducing, requires equipment which can manufacture dimensionally accurate close tolerance tubing at high reduction levels with minimal system downtime. Pilgering lubricants allow the machine to run at faster speeds while minimizing the metal to metal pick-up at the tube to die interface.

Cold pilgering, using the appropriate pilgering lubricant, provides many advantages for manufacturing tube:

  • Minimal loss of material
  • Able to achieve very high wall reductions (up to 75%) due to the cold forging type of reducing
  • The use of a tapered mandrel allows for large diameter reductions (up to 65%)
  • The OD and wall tolerance are greatly improved as a result of the significant wall and diameter reductions
  • Due to the significant wall reductions, the use of heavy wall hollows is possible
  • Process steps such as in-between anneals, degreasing and pickling may be eliminated due to the very high total area reduction of the tube or bar
  • Able to manufacture extremely long finished tubes due to the very high total area reduction

Selecting the appropriate pilgering lubricant is an important factor in the production of tube. Today, tube manufacturers face increasing pressure from their customers for better concentricity, more uniform wall thickness, better surface finish, improved physical characteristics and tight limitations on minimum and maximum yield or tensile strengths of the finished product.


Our rust preventatives protect the integrity of your tube for extended protection. Our line of rust preventatives are designed for outdoor storage protection, long-term indoor storage, or short-use process protection.


ETNA Products, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining and to continuously improving the quality of our MASTERDRAW® and KUBITRAC® pilgering lubricants for tube that we formulate and manufacture. Additionally, each of our pilgering lubricants is supported by our highly trained sales engineering and technical service teams.

Send us a request and we’ll respond immediately to fulfill your pilgering lubricant needs.

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