ETNA Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of high technology tube drawing lubricants and solutions for the production of drawn non-ferrous and ferrous tubular products. ETNA Products, Inc.’s MASTERDRAW® product line is the gold standard on a global basis due to excellent performance and due to our commitment to continuously improve and evolve new technology solutions for the non-ferrous and ferrous tube production industry.

View our MASTERDRAW®  line of tube drawing lubricants and product details below.

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Tube drawing lubricants by ETNA

The use of our MASTERDRAW® products help our customers meet international standards for the production of tubing used:

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration industries (R-134a acceptability)
  • Mechanical applications
  • Water supply applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Nuclear industry
  • Medical appliances and devices industries

ETNA Products, Inc.’s MASTERDRAW® line of tube drawing lubricants and s0lutions include:

  • Evaporative MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) oils for billet saws
  • Non-graphite type extrusion lubricants for use on mandrels and dies for copper hot extrusion operations
  • Water miscible quenchants for extrusion run out tanks
  • Neat oil lubricants (mineral oil and synthetic based) used on pilger mills, cascade drawing systems, bull blocks, high speed spinner blocks, draw benches and continuous drawing machines
  • MQL-type lubricants for sawing operations