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ETNA Products, Inc. manufactures both water miscible and neat oil type roll forming lubricants. In roll forming, roll life affects the overall economics of the roll forming process. Without proper lubrication, the frictional forces generated by the roll forming process results in excessive tool wear and poor finished roll formed part quality. Beyond these concerns, new environmental and regulatory requirements have made it essential that manufacturers of roll formed parts pay stringent attention to the testing, selection and control of their roll forming lubricants.

ETNA Products, Inc. has the research and development capacity to help our customers as we evolve new roll forming lubricants to answer the needs of the roll forming industry. Our MASTERALL® line of chlorine free roll forming lubricants ensure that all moving parts in the roll forming equipment operate smoothly and effectively, while minimizing friction and wear. Additionally, we offer custom roll forming fluid to meet unique and specific customer requirements.

Roll forming lubricants by ETNA

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