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ETNA Products, Inc. manufactures fin stamping lubricants used by the air conditioning and heat transfer industry. Our cutting edge fin stamping products are formulated with specialty additives that offer improved die and tool life. These additives are non-corrosive to aluminum and copper, and resistant to oxidation and to chemical breakdown. In addition, the DAPHNE®* fin stamping lubricants are formulated to be low odor, which makes them operator friendly for fin stamping operations. Additionally, we provide custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.

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Fin stamping lubricants by ETNA

The last decade has been a period of far reaching change for the HVAC industry. The rapidly competitive world market, combined with the ever changing environmental and regulatory environment, has made it essential that manufacturers of parts used to manufacture HVAC equipment pay stringent attention to the testing, selection and control of their fin stamping lubricants. ETNA Products, Inc. has the research and development capacity to help our customers as we evolve new fin stamping lubricants to answer the needs of the HVAC industry.