ETNA Products, Inc. has over 70 years’ experience developing, formulating and manufacturing neat oil and water miscible drawing and stamping fluids and lubricants. We originally started providing our drawing and stamping fluids and lubricants to produce shell cases for ammunition. Now, our MASTERDRAW® and DAPHNE®* fluids and lubricants are used in a variety of applications, ranging from stamping automotive parts to stamping miniature parts used in medical devices and appliances.

We offer a wide range of drawing and stamping fluids and lubricants, including evaporative lubricants, water miscible fluids, neat oils, and solution synthetics (no mineral oil). Additionally, ETNA Products, Inc. provides custom formulations to meet unique and/or specific customer needs. All of our metalworking fluids have been formulated to help our customers extend tool life while maintaining tight tolerances and improved surface finish on the final parts.

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Drawing and stamping fluids by ETNA.