ETNA-BECHEM Lubricants, Ltd.

This Etna Company is a joint venture company between Etna Products, Inc (Chagrin Falls, Ohio) and Carl BECHEM GmbH (Hagen, Germany.) ETNA-BECHEM Lubricants, Ltd. is headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio where currently all manufacturing, sales, technical service ans support is coordinated for the markets in North America.

ETNA-BECHEM Lubricants, Ltd. combines the resources of two well recognized global companies. It also allows the representation of the Carl BECHEM technologies to be handled by a fully integrated organization here in the USA for sales, manufacturing, technical service and support.

ETNA-BECHEM, Lubricants, Ltd. Includes a full line of lubricants and greases, nonferrous wire drawing fluids, metal removal and forming lubricants, and cold forming and extrusion lubricants. Automotive lubricants and greases are available as well for plastics noise dampening, electrical contact and power train. The metalworking lubricants and fluids include products for metal removal, non-graphite extrusion, and cold/ warm forming. The specialty lubricants, “Lube for Life Applications” include products for seat systems, door closures, window regulators, sun roofs and chassis-drive train.