Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-Friction Coatings

Berucoat AK 978

Berucoat AK 978 is a high performance water based synthetic dry film coating designed for the automotive and component supplier industry, mainly for noise damping issues in interior systems.

Berucoat AK 978 is generally neutral to all common sealing materials, polymeric materials and non-ferrous metals.

Berucoat AK 978 leaves a clear, elastic and dry film on the surface of the component after evaporation of the water.

A special formulation of new slide additives provides an excellent sliding surface which prevents stick-slip.

Berucoat AK 978 is used in the automotive industry to minimize rattles and squeaks caused by vibrating stress and vibrations mainly in interior systems such as plastic, leather trims and cloth.

Berucoat AK 978 can also be used for door trims and sun roof applications.