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The History of ETNA

In 1943 Ike Tripp Jr. founded Etna Products, Inc. Ike started the company as a sole proprietorship in his hometown of Etna, Pennsylvania as a manufacturer and representative to the line of products. Ike partnered with manufacturers to produce the products he knew so well. The largest customer, Chase Brass and Copper of Cleveland, Ohio, asked Ike to move the company closer so that they may better serve the customers and in 1947 Ike moved the company to Aurora, Ohio.

Over the next decade the company went through a few changes. Ike Tripp III came on board as a Sales Engineer as well as moving the company to Chagrin Falls, Ohio in 1960 after purchasing the company from his father. Ike Tripp III also incorporated the business as an Ohio stock corporation and created a business plan to grow in niche markets including copper tube drawing lubricants. The company continued to expand and purchased new land in Knowles Industrial Park. The two acres of space quickly filled with a plant, laboratories and two warehouses.

The third generation of Tripp, Ike Tripp IV, joined the management team in 1974 and later purchasing the company in 1990. Expansions to the plants and warehouses continued with an addition of a new boiler room, receiving warehouse, maintenance/ engineering area and an office expansion. The expansions didn’t stop there; in 1983 the Specialty Chemical Division (SCD) was created. SCD specialized in manufacturing such products as oil-free high solids polyester resins, coatings, ink and adhesives as well as the capacity to manufacture esters and polymers used in specialty metalworking lubricants.

In 2001, Etna TEC, Ltd. was formed and developed a line of mult-functional acrylates for the paint and coatings industry.  The company decided even more expansions were needed to the newly purchased building 16830 Park Circle Drive by adding a new research and development (R&D) laboratories. The company also purchased Etna-TEC, Ltd. developed a line of multi-functional acrylates for the paint and coatings industry. In 2008 Etna decided to travel overseas in Hagen, Germany to form Etna Bechem Europe, GmbH.

Currently Etna is working on developing non-mineral oil based lubricants to replace oil based products and a novel additive to replace chlorinated extreme pressure agents.

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